Mike has the unique and rare combination of both confidence and humility in every endeavor that he pursues. With faith as his foundation and a genuine heart for the Lord, he see’s life as a gift and ones goals as limitless. Mike is certainly no stranger to adversity so when it comes to walking the walk, he’s been there, done that. With a laser-like focus and an all-in mentality …he leaves nothing on the table when it comes to his relentless pursuit of an established goal. His transparency of imperfection is infectious and relatable, and with the right mix of humor and reality he makes everyone feel an instant connection as if they were walking in his shoes. He is a true example of what can be accomplished if one sets their mind to it, regardless of adversity, and steps out of their comfort zone to do the little things necessary to achieve big results. His inspirational and humorous message of what truly is his everyday chaos will leave you walking away saying …“if he can, why not me?”

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Debbie Reggio

Since reading The Prayer of Jabez and accepting Christ into my life, there has been a significant difference in both my personal life and my business. Because of my renewed belief and faith, I am experiencing a complete sense of peace and happiness in my personal life knowing that God is watching over me and guiding me; this is something I had never experienced before and it is exhilarating. I have seen a 100% increase in activity in my business with customer and associate enrollments that has been remarkable. I cannot thank Mike Foti enough for bringing The Prayer of Jabez and Christ into my life; he told me amazing things would start to happen and he could not have been more on point. It has truly been lifechanging.

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Art Randolf


I have attended many events and seminars with some very good speakers. I have had the privilege to attend presentations where you are the speaker as well. You paint a picture, and work the message into that picture. I feel you are speaking to me in a way that not only I understand, but am moved as well as inspired to act. You pull from many sources, share your personal stories, are humble in how you faced challenges, dug deep, and used the challenges as a ladder climbing higher to see a little farther. I am grateful for your belief in people, helping me to be much more than I thought possible to achieve.
Thank you!

Art Randolph

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Kevin Boykins

What can I say about Mike that's positive? Everything I say about Mike Foti is positive , except for the fact that he wants my teeth and my biceps if I expire before him (joke, laugh).
Mike foti is one of the people I gravitated to when I started taking the Stream business seriously and stop crying over spilled milk. The more we spoke the more I felt like this gentleman really cared about my success in Stream and cared for me. I have no sponsor, no accountability partner, and my downline is like The Walking Dead but the more Mike and I conversed the more confidence I attained.

To me, Mike is like that Uncle in your family that has a zest for life.You listen intently to every word cause you know he has your best interest at heart.

When Mike gave the BP in Manville, NJ it was the best one I've heard in a while. He presented so well I wanted to join again..
What I'm trying to say is if every up line had and showed Mike's passion to every down line member they would've left their comfort zone earlier..... God bless you Mike....

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When I met Mike Foti, he was speaking at a company event. His ability to connect with the audience was like none other! After he spoke, I said to myself “I have to meet this guy”. Eventually I did and since then I have looked up to him as a God-fearing man who is on a mission to help people achieve greatness. He always talks about “stepping out of your comfort zone” and is willing to help anyone who approaches him, like myself. Mike has a way of touching people’s lives that most do not and I’m blessed to know him and say he has been an amazing encouragement to me...

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Dwight Saffel

Coming off of two years of health issues I needed someone as an accountability partner who would push me to get out of my comfort zone and get going again. I had seen Mike on stage at Ignition 2018 and liked what I heard. When I asked around his name was suggested, not only as an accountability partner but also as one who could help me build a team as well. Mike has not only helped me to get out of my comfort zone but to also figure out new ways to approach people. He has taught me to pray daily and to be excited about what is going to happen. Thank you Mike.

Steam Managing Director